Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts
"Enter into a time and place in history when harmony and inspiration were once a way of life. Experience old, traditional martial arts culture, etiquette, and techniques – reaching beyond ourselves in today's world."
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

Women's Safety and Self-Defense Classes

(18+) years. 1 hour classes.

women's self defense class
women's self defense class

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These classes are specifically designed for women to feel empowered to handle sexual assault or sexual harassment. You will be taught self-defense techniques and skills that will allow you to resolve these types of situations with greater confidence. Also, learn how to spot danger when it arises, and to be able to position yourself so that you can avoid harm (through self-awareness, focus, role playing, and etc...). Knowing what to do is one thing, but having a greater sense of self-empowerment and knowledge to protect yourself is better

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Skills taught:

  • Learn realistic martial arts skills and techniques to effectively handle dangerous situations such as escapes from grab on's, self-defense techniques from attacks, and overwhelming your attacker with extremely effective counterattacks.
  • Visualization: to better predict and prepare for dangerous situations (with some role playing by the instructor).
  • Skills learned in this class also apply to other situations such as those that may encompass domestic violence.

Inner development:

  • Develop a greater sense of honor, courage, and integrity in class, by engaging in traditional martial arts morals, beliefs, and principles practiced in the old, traditional martial arts.
  • A sense of decency and etiquette is upheld and practiced throughout each class.
  • Feel a greater sense of trustworthiness in yourself in being able to handle situations arising from sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Mind (empowerment):

  • Gain greater self-confidence through the power of focus, by learning how to handle yourself in various situations and various focus related exercises in class.
  • Through practice you will feel more capable of handling confrontations from a potential attacker.

Respect (etiquette & procedures):

  • By learning social etiquette in old, traditional martial arts, you'll feel a greater sense of respect among those around you.