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We are a self-defense event company and traveling martial arts school in Long Island NY. We inspire people to go from being victims, to becoming the attacker — reaching beyond ourselves in today's world.
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

Women's Self-Defense Events on Long Island

(18+) years. 60-90 minute classes.

All Women's Self-Defense Workshops have been cancelled because of the corona virus.

Please check back regularly for updates.

Women's Self-Defense events Long island
Women's Self-Defense events Long island

About event:

This safety and self-defense class is a 90 minute workshop specifically designed for women to effectively learn how to handle assault, rape, and abduction. We inspire participants to become empowered to go from victim, to becoming an attacker against their attacker(s). Some of the class covers awareness and and how to be prepared during certain vicarious situations. Grand Master Gene Perceval, the instructor, has been teaching for over fifty seven years. This class covers traditional martial arts techniques and advocates for a world focused on respect, harmony, inspiration, and living in calmness of mind.
Location to be announced.

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Self Defense Workshop Long Island and Manhattan

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Self Defense Workshop Long Island and Manhattan

About our events:

These classes are specifically designed for women (and men) to feel empowered to handle rape, assault, or adbduction. You will be taught self-defense techniques and skills that will allow you to gain the confidence and skills you need to defend yourself against perpetrators. You will also learn how to spot danger so you can handle yourself if you are attacked. We also teach you to how to position yourself properly to avoid harm by being more aware of your surroundings (with specific examples given). Our classes inspire women to go from being the victim, to the attacker. These classes/events advocate for a world focused on respect, harmony, inspiration, and living in calmness of mind.

Skills taught:

  • Learn realistic martial arts skills and techniques to effectively handle dangerous situations such as escapes from grab on's, self-defense techniques from attacks, and overwhelming your attacker with extremely effective counterattacks.
  • Visualization: to better predict and prepare for dangerous situations (with some role playing by the instructor).
  • Skills learned in this class also apply to other situations such as those that may encompass domestic violence.

Inner development:

  • Develop a greater sense of honor, courage, and integrity in class, by engaging in traditional martial arts morals, beliefs, and principles practiced in the old, traditional martial arts.
  • A sense of decency and etiquette is upheld and practiced during class.
  • Feel a greater sense of trustworthiness in being able to handle situations that may arise from sexual assault, abduction, or rape.

Mind (empowerment):

  • Gain greater self-confidence through the power of focus, by learning the power of the mind with our famous "finger pointing exercise."
  • Through practice you will feel more capable to handle confrontations from a potential attacker.

Respect (etiquette & procedures):

  • By learning social etiquette in old, traditional martial arts, you'll feel a greater sense of respect among peers and those who surround you.


  • "I loved this class, very informative." - Linda B.
  • "I'm a real estate agent and this class was helpful, especially for when I'm at open houses." Janice C.
  • We have taught this workshop at many Nassau County & Suffolk County libraries, and at real estate agencies.