Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts
"Enter into a time and place in history when harmony and inspiration were once a way of life. Experience old, traditional martial arts culture, etiquette, and techniques – reaching beyond ourselves in today's world."
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

Seniors self defense classes

Ages: (50+) years. Men and Women.

Self defense classes for seniors
Self defense classes for seniors

Our Senior's Self-Defense classes take place at:
The Ballroom Legacy Dance Studio, on Thursday's between 1-2pm
Address: 185 Glen Cove Avenue a, Sea Cliff, NY 11579
Call us for more information: 516-779-1838


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Learn and experience old, traditional martial arts, its culture, history, etiquette, and procedures in our senior's self defense classes. Classes are geared towards stimulating your mind and are focused understanding the human body in relationship to the martial arts while also relieving stress. Also you'll feel accepted in a community of others around you, learning to focus your mind and body in the practice of self-discipline, politeness, balance, and timing [and elegance of body movements]. While lessons are not physically demanding, they help to improve your overall muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina.

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Martial Arts skills learned:

  • Develope a fascination about the world around you through inspiration and curiosity by learning and experiencing old, traditional martial arts.
  • Improve your overall physical strength and flexibility.
  • Build greater stamina.
  • Increase your concentration and focus.
  • Refinement of muscle control through practice, focus, and visualization.
  • Increase body coordination, starting with simple movements to more complex.
  • Develop courage to protect yourself by developing greater self-confidence.
  • Defend yourself effectively by using simple blocking techniques.


  • Increase hand-eye coordination.
  • Develop better reflexes and improve your balance.
  • Helps manage stress, enhancing your overall mood.
  • Classes help increase blood flow to all body parts including the brain.