Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts
We are a self-defense event company and traveling martial arts school in Long Island NY. We inspire people to go from being victims, to becoming the attacker — reaching beyond ourselves in today's world.
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

Adult Martial Arts Lessons

Ages: (18-54) years. 1 hour classes.

Martial Arts classes for adults
Martial Arts classes for adults


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Experience old, traditional martial arts: a culture of politeness, courtesy, and respect. Learn the elegance of Karate and Tae Kwon Do movements. Also, develop the courage and skills to protect yourself. Our adult classes will also improve your muscle coordination, balance, and focus by learning simple-to-complex martial arts techniques. Some classes reenact different social situations regarding what to do in different practical situations.

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Martial Arts skills:

  • Experience a greater sense of self-worth in a culture of old, traditional martial arts, through courtsey, politeness, and respect.
  • We inspire feelings of wholeness, nostalgia, harmony, and happiness.
  • Meditation begins and ends with every class for three to four minutes.
  • Develop courage to protect yourself and feel confident.
  • Feel and understand the flow of energy as it travels through your body.
  • Learn the elegance of movements and the dynamics of martial art techniques.
  • Refine your muscle control through practice of focus and visualization.
  • Increase your body coordination by visualizing and practicing simple to complex techniques.
  • Build overall strength while increasing your flexibility and stamina.
  • Increase your power to better concentrate and focus.
  • Defend yourself effectively by using simple blocking techniques.
  • Every class teaches you how to escape from grab-on attacks.
  • Learn offensive techniques plus combinations in certain practical situations.