Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts
We are a self-defense event company and traveling martial arts school in Long Island NY. We inspire people to go from being victims, to becoming the attacker — reaching beyond ourselves in today's world.
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

Press articles:

The Osprey November 6th, 2019):

(An online News Source from Stony Brook University)

- Journalists from "Stony Brook University's online news publication"The Osprey," covered our Women's Self-Defense class held at the Shelter Rock Public Library in Albertson, NY on November 6th, 2019. Read the full article.

Women's Self-Defense Class

Long Island Herald - Glen Cove (July 18th, 2019):

Mind-Body-Spirit Martial Arts was mentioned in the Glen Cove Herald (Gazette) for our "Senior's Self-Defense Class (50+)" held at the Ballroom Legacy Dance Studio in Sea Cliff, NY.

Senior's Self-Defense Class (50+) plus sign

Long Island Herald - Oceanside(June 27th, 2019):

Mind-Body-Spirit Martial Arts was mentioned in the Oceanside Herald for our "Teen/Tween Stranger Awareness - Self-Defense Class" held at the Oceanside Public Library in Oceanside, NY.

Teen Stranger Awareness - Self-defense class plus sign

Published on USA Dojo (April 25th, 2017):

"To Wash Or Not Wash Your Belt" (pdf version)

Official Karate Magazine (August 2012):

" The Highs, Lows & Plateaus of Training"
(To see the full magazine edition and article on page 48, go to this page, and at top of page in the gray area, click "download").