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- Grand Master Gene Perceval

Martial Arts First Aid:

Internal Organs and Diseases

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Type1 diabetes: (insulin dependent) is when a person will have a life-long dependency on the administration of insulin from outside the body to prevent illness and death.
Type 2 diabetes: (non-insulin dependent) is when a person may or may not use insulin for the control of his/her blood-sugar levels.

A groin pull is a tear or rupture of the adductor muscles of the inner thigh. When the muscles are strained, they become stretched beyond their normal stretching ability resulting in torn muscle fibers. The tear can be minor, where the bulk of the muscle fibers remain intact. Or the tear can be major, in which a painful, severe rip or rupture has occurred and most of the muscle fibers are damaged.

When a student suffers a groin injury — due to concerns for the student's modesty and privacy — the instructor may not be able to examine the area of injury. The instructor will have to rely information obtained from the injured student. If bleeding has occurred, or if the student is in severe pain, call 911.

In the martial arts, the spleen is subject to injury by a blow up and under the left side of the rib cage. If the blow is hard enough or direct, it may rupture the tough fibrous capsule that covers and holds the spleen in place. The blow may cause the spleen to start bleeding profusely (hemorrhaging), and may result in death.