Friday, Sep 7th, @ 6pm: “Kata’s on the Beach” (at Long Beach, NY)

Kata on the beach, long beach ny

On Friday, September 7th @ 6pm, there is a meetup (free to attend) to do kata’s on the beach. Click here for details. The meetup is at Grand Blvd, on the boardwalk, on the top of the down ramp. We wait ten minutes for members to show up. If you’ve never done kata’s before, then we will teach you, so you can get started. It’s a 45 minute meetup. Kata’s is a relaxing exercise, much like tai chi and yoga, and we do it on the sand at the sea shore.

Saturday, August 25th at 11am-12 noon and 1pm-2pm: Free women’s self-defense class!

If you missed the Bryant Library event, then this event and this one (both on Saturday, August 25th) are a follow-up to the Bryant library event and for those who already attended but who wish to continue with the free women’s self-defense classes. If you can’t make Saturday, we can do Sunday at the same time, but please contact us first before showing up (516-779-1838). Also, as a side note, the meeting spot for this event is across the street from the address given; do NOT use the address 3 Park Plaza or it will send you to the wrong place! Glen Dance Studio is in the back of the building and upstairs. You will see signs for the studio.

Schedule of our upcoming events!

We have Youtube

You can check out our youtube channel here. Most video tutorials are private, however, we will do public videos. One video has already been posted (a slideshow). We will post a public video soon about how to tie your belt in the martial arts. We need 100 subscribers to create a custom name for our video channel, so be sure to subscribe to receive instant updates on our latest videos!

Martial Arts videos coming soon!

Starting Monday, August 13th, we will start recording video tutorials and others videos to post on our youtube channel (which we will link to shortly). It is our intention to start uploading martial arts and self-defense videos by Tuesday, August 14th, and we will link to (some) of them here. Private videos will be emailed to our current students on that date.

Class Schedules and Events

Our class schedules and events are now posted on our website. This page is located under the MAIN button on the navigation at the top called “Class Schedules and Events.” It is also located at the bottom of every page under where the phone number is listed.

Update: Class Schedule

We are currently working on a class schedule (an event calendar), so you can see a list of our current classes and events. Stay tuned..