Month: June 2019

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop – PART 2 – Peninsula Public Library event

Women in a self-defense class

Event information:
Monday, July 24th, 7-8pm at the Peninsula Public Library in Lawrence, NY.

Location: 280 Central Avenue, Lawrence, NY 11559

This safety and self-defense class is part-2 of a series of two, one hour long classes specifically designed for women to effectively learn how to handle assault, rape, and abduction. If you’ve missed part-1, we still welcome you to participate in part-2. We inspire participants to become empowered to become the attackers against their attackers. Some of the class talks about awareness and preparation to act smart in various situations. Grand Master Gene Perceval, the instructor, has been teaching for over fifty seven years. This class covers traditional martial arts techniques and advocates for a world focused on respect, harmony, inspiration, and living in calmness of mind.

Senior’s Self-Defense Class, Thursday, June 13th, 1pm-2pm

Senior's Self-Defense Class in Sea Cliff NY

This Thursday, from 1pm-2pm at the Ballroom Legacy Dance Studio in Sea Cliff, NY, we will be having a Senior’s Self-Defense Class (50+). Free for first two sessions. Meditation included! Learn low-key self-defense movements. Soft meditation music played throughout.

Event details: