Month: April 2019

Senior’s Self-Defense in Sea Cliff, NY (this Sunday)

This senior’s self-defense class in Sea Cliff NY is free for first two sessions (then regular tuition applies), and is specifically designed for seniors to effectively learn how to handle assault. Class includes low-key martial arts techniques, some balance exercises, and short meditation at the end. This class covers traditional martial arts techniques, and goes beyond a typical self-defense class after a few months worth of sessions (if you decide to become a student). The class is taught by Grand Master Gene Perceval, the instructor, who has been teaching for over fifty seven years.

Location and time:
Class time is 11am – noon, Sunday April 28th at the Ballroom Legacy Dance Studio. Just come on in. We arrive about 10 minutes prior to class time.

Event details:

Women’s Self-Defense Class (in Wantagh) to prevent rape and assault

women's self-defense class Wantagh NY

Event details:

This self-defense class is Friday, April 9th, from 7:15-8:15pm at the Platinum Performance Dance Academy in Wantagh, NY. Please arrive on time. Dress in regular clothing and in sneakers.

If you are a first or second timer to our classes, this class is free. Otherwise regular tuition applies.