Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts
We are a self-defense event company and traveling martial arts school in Long Island NY. We inspire people to go from being victims, to becoming the attacker — reaching beyond ourselves in today's world.
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

About us:

A culture of respect plus sign
A culture of respect

We are a traveling self-defense event company. We advocate for a world focused on respect, harmony, inspiration, and living in calmness of mind. Our classes and workshops cover traditional martial arts techniques, and are taught by Grand Master Gene Perceval and his assistant Dan. We inspire people to go from being victims, to becoming the attacker. And we promote greater awareness of your surroundings. The styles we teach are tae kwon do, jiu jitsu, aikido, judo, and Okinawan style karate. We travel to Long Island for our Self-Defense Workshops and we serve Manhattan as well. We individualize our workshops for your social group (family and friends), business, or organization. We also operate out of dance studios in Oceanside, Wantagh, and Sea Cliff for our regular classes. Grand Master Gene Perceval, who has been teaching for over fifty seven years, is the first black belt in the world to be tested under Tae Kwon Do when it first became an international organization in South Korea.

Traditional martial arts:

The martial arts is more than just something physical, it's about living in harmony, inspiration, and calmness of the mind every single day. The true martial arts is a world of self improvement, self refinement, and respect for one's self and others around us.

martial arts harmony

Reaching beyond ourselves

martial arts harmony

Reaching beyond ourselves

These morals are grounded in the vision and principles of Mind-Body-Spirit Martial Arts. Its founder, Grand Master Perceval, inspired by this culture of old, traditional martial arts first experienced it when he served in the U.S. armed forces back in the mid 1960's. There, stationed about twenty miles from the demilitarized zone in South Korea in 1964-1965, he trained under Master Chun Chae Kyu, one of the traditional masters living there. Grand Master Perceval experienced not only the teachings of a traditional martial arts master, but lived the lifestyle through Master Chun and the native people of South Korea. Their world was the old world: lack of running water, no electricity, no heat. They had to grow and cultivate their own food. The town in which Grand Master Perceval trained in, Pob Won Ni (South Korea), was a primitive place where most people farmed and lived a pre-modern lifestyle. They survived. Those who studied the martial arts at that time in South Korea did so because it was a way of life. The old, traditional martial arts meant being able to protect one's family, home, and loved ones.

Grand Master Gene Perceval (1964) South Korea
Grand Master Gene Perceval (1964) South Korea plus sign

Today however, those values have faded. Most people seem to train in the martial arts for different reasons other than a way of life. As a result, we as a society seemed to have lost our values of the traditional martial arts. Our mission therefore is to bring back the old, traditional martial arts and its culture into today's world, reaching beyond ourselves.

You can read all about Grand Master Gene Perceval's Korean experience here in his history story. His story of the old, traditional martial arts is a unique one, and has become the inspiration of Mind-Body-Spirit Martial Arts.