Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts
"Enter into a time and place in history when harmony and inspiration were once a way of life. Experience old, traditional martial arts culture, etiquette, and lifestyle – reaching beyond ourselves in today's world."
- Grand Master Gene Perceval

We are instructors of old, traditional martial arts:

We are a martial arts school, of old, traditional martial arts operating out of various locations on Long Island, Nassau County, NY.

  • We offer monthly membership, or pay-as-you-go for private lessons.
  • Receive a free uniform with membership.


Little Pandas

Children love to learn when their experiences are fun, exciting, and inspiring. Our Little Pandas program is designed to engage your child's imagination in a story-like way.

Big Pandas

This program helps develop your child's sense of self-worth and self-confidence, giving them a greater sense of achievement and fulfillment, while learning self defense.

Young Adults

Classes begin and end with meditation allowing students to engage their mind, body, and spirit, in the martial arts. Students also learn how to defend themselves from strangers and bullies.

Adult Lessons

Learn martial arts movements applying the elegance of the flow of energy to each movement. Also, develop the courage to protect yourself and gain greater overall self-confidence.

Private Lessons

Private martial arts lessons cater to your very specific needs ranging from learning beginner's self-defense to becoming a better martial arts instructor and/or mastering your existing martial arts regimen. We certify up to 8th degree blackbelt.


This program is designed to help you improve your coordination, balance, focus, and timing, in everyday activities while stimulating your mind and putting your stress at ease. You'll learn about old, traditional martial arts, culture, etiquette, and procedures.

Parent and child classes

Spend valuable time with your child learning the martial arts together in a step-by-step fashion. Our parent and child program is designed to improve your child's overall mental, physical and emotional well-being by submerging them in a culture of courtesy, respect, and curiosity. Pay only for your child.

Women's Self-Defense

This class is specifically designed for women in dealing with situations arising from sexual harassment and sexual assault in feeling more self-empowered. Learn how to protect yourself from posing dangers and threats, and learn how to predict them more effectively.