In the News: “Women’s Self-Defense Class” at Shelter Rock Public Library

Date of event: November 6th, 2019:
Full article: Women’s Self-Defense Class at Shelter Rock Public Library
– Journalists from Stony Brook University’s online news publication “The Osprey,” covered our Women’s Self-Defense class held at the Shelter Rock Public Library in Albertson, NY on November 6th, 2019. This class was about helping women prevent rape, assault, and abduction. If you would like to read the full article, please click here.

Young Adults Martial Arts (10-17), South Wantagh, NY – Sunday Oct 16, 2019 11am-12noon

Young Adults Martial arts ages 10-17 wantagh new york

Our Young Adults Martial Arts program is for people age 10-17 years old. This program teaches young people Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Karate. This program also includes five minutes of meditation. Please note this is NOT a self-defense program. Students, after sign up, are required to be in uniform and will learn the entire discipline of the martial arts, not just self defense techniques. First two classes are free. No sign-up required.

About event:

Adult Martial Arts Class (18+), South Wantagh, N.Y. Sunday Oct, 20th, 10am-11am.

Adult Martial Arts Class in North Wantagh, NY at the “Show Stompin’ Irish Dance” Studio

This class is about learning the martial arts as a discipline. The class (for both males and females) includes meditation, Kata’s, and traditional martial arts movements from many different styles, but namely Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Aikido. First two classes are free. No sign up required. Just come on in.

Event details:

Teen/Tween Stranger Awareness – Self Defense Class at Island Park Public Library

Date: September 23rd, 2019
Time: 5-6pm

Location: Island Park Public Library
176 Long Beach Road, Island Park, NY 11558

Self-defense class Island Park Public Library

Cost for this event is free. This teen/tween class is about teaching young people two major topics: stranger awareness, and self-defense techniques to escape from them.

We present social situations in the form of live skits, using participants in the class and ask them to behave as they normally would given the social situation at hand (using custom built styrofoam props: a bus, car, a 6 foot house, etc…). We then have the particpant(s) reenact the situation live as if it were really happening to them being approached by a stranger (which is a performer from the event).

The following are the main topics we cover in the class:

1) how to be better aware of your surroundings and the dangers around you in knowing social situations where perpetrators might approach you and try to do harm to you or abduct you, and

2) how to use various self-defense techniques to avoid harm or abduction.

The social scenes we teach include: when someone in a car asks a young person for directions, being approached on the street, when a deliver person knocks on your door, and when strangers approach while children are at play outside. We teach basic awareness of these situations as well as hands-on self-defense techniques to escape from strangers who may grab ahold of a child in these situations.